Jen DeLuca was born and raised in Virginia, but there weren’t enough alligators and hurricanes so she relocated to Florida as soon as she could.

Her first career was in theatre, where she served as a wardrobe master and also worked backstage as an ice-show dresser. (She can strip down an ice skater and shove him into a Klingon costume in less than a minute. Where’s THAT Skill & Endorsement category, LinkedIn?)  She currently works as a litigation paralegal. So far, no one’s needed to wear a Klingon costume at the law office, but when that day comes she’s ready.

Jen lives in Central Florida with a husband and a house full of rescued pets. She spends her days picking dog hair off her clothes and arguing with at least one cat about who gets to sit in the office chair.  She likes latte-flavored lattes, Hokies football, and the Oxford comma.

She is a proud member of RWA and CFRW.

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