Rough Edges – Available Now!

Rough Edges Cover (1)

So if you’d like an indication of how my week has been, the anthology ROUGH EDGES was released on Tuesday, and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it!  It’s been insane here at Casa DeLuca, with a car and the house’s central AC dying during the same 24 hours. Florida in June with no AC – you don’t even want to think about that.

During this week of test-driving and AC-unit installing and car-loan-securing, I suddenly realized on Tuesday that this was the Tuesday – the day that my first story is out in the world! I managed to take a few minutes here and there to reflect on that, and squee over the good reviews the collection of stories has gotten so far. Thank you, thank you, to everyone who pre-ordered, who read it, and who offered a yippee or congratulations this week. It’s meant a lot.

Friday, my contributor copy came in the mail.  And that – THAT – made it real. Or more real. Realer.HH

There’s pages in here with my name on it. There’s words that I remember typing into my laptop while sipping a latte at the coffeehouse downtown, and they’re all printed up and in a book like a real actual THING.

That’s… that’s a pretty neat feeling.


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