I’ve never been on a writers’ retreat before. I’d heard about them, and they looked like so much fun.  I ached to go on one. To have a group of writer friends, to throw my laptop and some clothes in an overnight bag and go somewhere for the weekend.  Somewhere that’s else, away from the dishes that need to be done and the dog hair that needs to be swept and the laundry that needs to be folded.

This past weekend, I got to go on my first retreat. I joined nine other members of Central Florida Romance Writers in a five bedroom house with a pool (ahhh, Florida).  Alice made her famous raspberry margaritas that kept us all in a very good mood. Jessica showed off her mad cover-making skillz, and wrote a helluva lot of words besides. Brenda fell asleep on the floor while the rest of us watched Mulan and identified the Save the Cat beats. Lots of things were insinuated involving pool noodles that don’t need to be discussed any further here.

As for me, I spent the better part of Saturday on the pool deck, sipping on a raspberry margarita and taking a huge step forward in my rewrite. Life’s been happening for a while now, but the writing’s been coming back slowly. As it turned out, this retreat was exactly what I needed to get jumpstarted again. I feel like me again. And that’s a huge relief. I’ve missed me.





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