On Finishing (Or Not)

Family and friends who know I'm a writer ask how the book is coming.  "Is it done yet?" (Usually followed by "when's it coming out?") Tricky question.  By my count, I've finished this novel three times now. The first time was in November of last year. I'd taken a NaNoWriMo story from a couple years before, … Continue reading On Finishing (Or Not)


Cover Reveal: INCONCEIVABLE! + Bonus Playlist!

I'm so excited to be able to share the cover of Tegan Wren's novel, Inconceivable! with you today.  Tegan and I first connected last year during a #PitMad day over Twitter, retweeting each other's pitches and encouraging each other in our journey toward publication.  Then our novels both ended up featured in the December 2014 PitchMAS … Continue reading Cover Reveal: INCONCEIVABLE! + Bonus Playlist!