Good Lord That’s a Lotta Sevens

I was challenged by the lovely and talented Heidi Norrod in the7x7x7x7 Challenge.

The rules are: Go to the seventh line of the seventh page of a current WIP, then post the next seven lines and tag seven more authors to do the same.

So here you go, seven lines from page 7 of Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll, my contemporary romance WIP that is known around these parts simply as The Russian Rockstar.  Soviet boy meets an American girl, lost in a park in Leningrad:

Her sentence trailed off, and she looked up at him, her expression helpless. “Ya Amerikanka,” she sighed, as if being an American would explain everything: her ignorance of his language, what she had been looking at in the clouds, what she was doing there at all.

“Ah,” he said. “Amerikanka.” It explained a lot. She didn’t fit in these surroundings, as though she had been plucked from somewhere else and deposited here. She looked like every girl he had ever known, but at the same time like no one he had ever met. Her hair, flowing down from under its pink knit cap, was warm and brown, like good dark wood gleaming against her shoulders.

Now to think up seven victims fellow writers to join in. I’ll post that up on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Good Lord That’s a Lotta Sevens

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